For cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects, traditional wet and dry dusting comes to mind. But because of this pandemic COVID-19 outbreak, cleaning techniques spread more dirt by the time the cloth was used to wash it daily. This prevents harmful dust particles from settling on other surfaces or objects. The coronavirus affects sensitive places such as schools and laboratories. They need more disinfection methods to remove dirt, dust, and germs from surfaces.

What are the benefits of electrostatic disinfection?

  1. Disinfection technology is a conventional method as it reduces time because of high coverage, which also disinfects hard to reach contaminated places.
  2. Stop the spread of viruses and control infection with viruses such as MRSA, influenza, HIV and many more.
  3. Using electrostatic spray chemicals is very effective, which eliminates the risk of overuse.
  4. Sanitize items that are costly and contagious healthcare infections.
  5. If you want your floors, walls, and desktops to be spotless against pathogens, electrostatic spray is the best option and the most complete way to kill germs and dirt.

What is electrostatic disinfection?

 Disinfection technology is a way to disinfect objects and surfaces and provide deep cleaning. It is a specialized solution composed of fog and disintegrated by an electrode. The electrostatic spray covers the positive particles which are used to stick to objects and surfaces. It is very difficult to disinfect hard-to-reach places or artifacts, which is why the electrostatic spray works. Disinfection is a conventional technology as it reduces time because of high coverage, which also disinfects hard to reach contaminated places. The nature of the mist that covers all surfaces are the major advantage of this electrostatic spray. After spraying, disinfection agents work to disinfect or clean surfaces. It disinfects contaminated areas, which is why the electrostatic spray is an effective solution.

The threat of COVID-19 grows day by day and all contractors, facility managers and human resources departments act in the workplace to keep employees healthy and safe. So far, no reason and no vaccine for the coronavirus has emerged, but following the previous results of the coronavirus, there is a lot to be done.

We must disinfect our workplace that prevents the spread of germs. Areas needed to clean the surface include floors and walls, workstations and desks, bathrooms, counters, doorknobs, and the dining area. Also, electrostatic spray is the best option to kill germs and dirt.

The complete safety process and procedures for a workplace because of the COVID-19 outbreak; it is very difficult to maintain cleanliness and hygiene under one roof with so many people without help. Keep your office, health center, industrial facility, or other commercial property free from germs with electrostatic disinfection technology which is an efficient and most suitable tool for full service commercial cleaning solution.
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