The 3 Ply mask has 3 layers for air filtration and can discard after just one use. It is an elastic ear loop mask with an adjustable nose pin for a perfect fit. 3 Ply masks are useful for filtering air pollutants and microorganisms such as airborne bacteria and viruses, made of melt blown fabric and have 3 protective layers that act as a filter for the air before it reaches you. 3 ply masks are non-allergic and latex free. The structure of the 3 ply masks filters up to 99% of bacteria exhaled by the wearer. It features an adjustable nose pin that provides enhanced protection and leaves no space for air passage and elastic ear loops for your comfort.

Also, it has different filtration layers that protect you even from the microbes, allergens, and other smallest dust particles. The 3 layers of filtration comprises skin-friendly non-woven inner layer, electrostatic middle layer, and non-woven fabric outer layer. 3 ply masks have more bacterial filtration efficiency which protects you from smoke, chemicals, and bacteria. It has no chemical smell and allows you to breathe without causing discomfort. Available in universal size which suits everyone, including kids and adults.