Product Details:

Blue color disposable full protective apron made of high-quality PVC. This full body apron is essential for improving hygiene in the workplace of healthcare professionals. Comes with self-tie buckles around the waist for a comfortable and secure fit, with a sturdy back cover and a sleeveless design to lift arms free while working.

These medical aprons are for healthcare establishments by personnel performing medical, obstetrical, and surgical procedures at high risk of contamination by projection of bodily fluids. This apron is safe, hygienic, and of high quality. Its perforated neckline and bands make it a comfortable fit for all. Made of 100% HDPA material according to medical standards.

The disposable full protective apron is breathable, and the laminated film combines comfort and protection into a clean apron. Full body aprons provide a constant barrier of protection against liquids and particles. The tough, heat-sealed film prevents leaks and protects you from blood-borne pathogens. Comfortable polyethylene material helps you stay cool. Anyone can wear this full apron over your dress. Open back design promotes air circulation and reduces sweating. Its unique size reduces your inventory.

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