Most of them exposed to germs, bacteria’s, and other harmful agents which can enter the body on contact. These health hazards live on the surface and transmit through touch. Therefore, it is necessary to take the proper precautions. For this, we have crafted the nitrile examination gloves from unique formulas to provide exceptional protection and performance. These advanced nitrile examination gloves feature superior material softness for exceptional comfort, durability, tensile strength, and elasticity.

An excellent alternative to latex in the event of an allergic reaction, our non-powdered nitrile examination gloves offer excellent resistance to chemicals, oils and temperature extremes compared to other latex gloves. The nitrile examination gloves feature an ambidextrous fit with beaded cuffs for easy donning. They meet or exceed all industry standards for safety and quality, and meet specifications such as textured, powder-free fingertips made with 100% natural rubber material, drug tested, laboratory chemical tested, which comes in a sky-blue color.

Nitrile examination gloves are approved for many medical use and applications. We tested it for resistance of materials caused by blood-borne pathogens. Nitrile examination gloves minimize the risk of transfer and protect your health. They are resistant to harsh chemicals and have superior strength.