Plants need a boost! Essential nutrients like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are scarce in soil and limit growth. Fertilizers provide these “macro” nutrients in readily available forms, ensuring your plants have the fuel they need to thrive. Choose from straight fertilizers (single nutrient), complex fertilizers (multiple nutrients), or physical mixtures to meet your specific needs.

Sulfur & Nitrogen​


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Packing Specification:25KG, 50KG Or Customized according to customers

  • Urea fertilizer provides a powerful boost of nitrogen, the key nutrient responsible for healthy green foliage.
  • This white, solid fertilizer comes in uniform prills that are free-flowing for effortless application to soil or in a spray solution.
  • Urea is hygroscopic and attracts moisture. To preserve quality, it’s packaged in high-density polyethylene bags for long-lasting performance.