Everyday life changes when you need extra oxygen. Portable oxygen concentrators are small machines that save and change lives. “People with shortness of breath or lung disease need oxygen,” says healthcare experts. Shortness of breath comes from smoking habits. Also, any pulmonary disease may need to be on oxygen. For these conditions and for anyone who needs medical oxygen, portable oxygen concentrators are the answer. They give you the freedom and independence to do whatever you want, while still breathing the oxygen-rich air you need.

Here we have lined up 3 best continuous flow portable oxygen concentrators for you

  1. Philips SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator (Continuous & Pulse Flow)

The Philips SimplyGo Oxygen Concentrator has a continuous flow for up to 54 minutes and comes with two rechargeable batteries, so you can still have a charge while your oxygen concentrator is in use. At 4.5 kg and with a modern design less than 12 inches wide and high, this is one of the smaller portable oxygen concentrators with continuous flow.


  • Flow Type: Continuous and Pulse flow
  • Battery Life: Up to 3.5 Hrs.
  • Weight: 5 kg,
  1. Oxlife Independence®

The Oxlife Independence is excellent for travel due to its operational altitude of 13,123 feet. Unlike other models that reach 8,000 or 10,000, this Oxlife Independence portable oxygen concentrator can stand even taller, and it comes with wheels and a cart handle for easier transport. The pulse dose setting ranges from 1 to 6 liters per minute. It also has a stepless adjustment of 1 to 3 liters per minute for precision oxygen. The battery maintains both pulse dose modes for up to 4 hours and up to 1.5 hrs. of continuous mode operation.


  • Flow Type: continuous and pulse flow
  • Battery Life: Up to 1.5 Hrs.
  • Weight: 5 kg
  1. Invacare Platinum mobile oxygen concentrator

Invacare Platinum is incredibly quiet in both continuous and pulsed dose mode and emits one of the highest levels of oxygen purity and weighs less than 2 Kgs. It may be compact, but it is sturdy, durable and water resistant, and it can withstand extreme temperatures. It has a pulse measure range of 1 to 5 liters per minute (LPM).


  • Flow Type: Pulse flow
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 Hrs.
  • Weight: Lesser than 2 kg


Considerations while buying portable oxygen concentrators

Flow Type: Pulsed flow and continuous flow are two main types of units. The pulsating flow machine delivers air to the patient in short puffs so that no oxygen is wasted. The continuous flow delivers 1 to 5 liters of oxygen per minute, whether the patient inhales or not.

Battery Life: You can expect portable oxygen concentrators to run on a single battery charge for 4 or 5 hours.

Weight: These devices are meant to be used wherever you want to go, so size, weight, and method of transportation are major considerations.

The oxygen output is the most important factor to consider when buying a portable oxygen concentrator. To meet your needs, the machine must provide you with the correct oxygen levels. So, it is necessary to communicate with your doctor about the parameters which would be best for you.


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